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With Guaranteed Air from Scales Industrial Technologies, you focus on your production and making profits…not compressed air!

Guaranteed Air

Scales worry-free compressed air that’s instantly affordable

Compressed air is your facility’s most important utility. Without it, production stops and profits are lost.

Guaranteed Air from Scales Industrial Technologies provides a unique solution to supply the compressed air you require without the upfront expense of buying or maintaining equipment with limited resources.

Scales Guaranteed Air removes the worry of lost production by supplying and maintaining a complete compressed air system sized appropriately for your facility. This includes all scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance or any repairs at no additional cost to you.

“An exciting, new worry-free way to use compressed air without investing in new equipment.”


  • Guarantees compressed air
  • Maintenance and repairs at no cost
  • On-site automatic back up
  • No capital expense or start-up cost
  • Low monthly flat fee with zero add-on costs
  • Installation available upon request
  • Each package is customized for your specific needs!