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Quincy Scales Industrial will develop an overview of your plant’s compressed air system to determine its demand, pressure, air quality requirements and possibly more energy efficient options to address your end uses.

Once initial opportunities are identified, you can decide whether additional analytical services are required to further define system dynamics and corresponding improvement opportunities. This decision will depend, in part, on the size and complexity of the system being examined (both supply and demand) and whether the evaluation uncovered critical issues requiring further investigation to identify causes and potential remedies. These secondary analyses include:


System Assessment

Considerably more detailed than our walk-through analysis, here we take readings at appropriate locations to identify system dynamics and draw up a simple block diagram. This is combined with pressure and demand profiles to identify potential problems and appropriate remedies. System assessments regularly require two-to-five days to complete.


System Audit

Audits involve data logging of system-wide readings with the objective of developing proper alignment of supply and demand sides for optimum efficiency, energy savings, and reliability. Over three-to-ten days, we establish a baseline against which the results of proposed changes are measured.


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