i. Energy Usage Calculator

Please Note: There are many factors that may change an energy usage calculation, including compressor capacity control type, the age of the unit, condition of the environment, etc. If you would like to learn more or would like to have a more accurate measurement of energy usage and possible energy saving opportunities, please contact your local Scales Industrial Technologies location. The calculated brake horsepower (bhp) of the unit is an approximate measurement and may vary according to the equipment being used.

ii. Pipe Size Calculator

Demand-side pipe size is based on 2 -3 psi pressure drop per 1000 ft of pipe. For sizes larger than “2” go to the next commercially available pipe size. Please call us for expert help with your piping design.

iii. Pump Up Time Calculator

iv. Capacity and Volume Conversion

v. Temperature Conversion

vi. Pressure Conversion

vii. Fluid Converters