The Compressed Air Authority

When it comes to saving energy one company stands out… Scales Industrial Technologies. From our inception in 1966 as Scales Air Compressor Corporation, to the evolution and growth that created Scales Industrial Technologies, we have concentrated on helping industries use compressed air and process cooling water more efficiently. We pioneered the use of variable speed drives in rotary screw compressors and were one of the first companies to offer compressed air system energy assessments. Through publications, workshops, assessments, and services, Scales is recognized as the foremost authority on compressed air systems and energy saving technologies.

When it comes to compressed air systems and energy-saving technologies, the pioneers at Scales literally wrote the book on solutions development. In addition to having five of the 22 certified instructors with the US Department of Energy’s Compressed Air Challenge, the founder / CEO Bill Scales is co-author of the industry-renowned US DOE sponsored Best Practices For Compressed Air Systems. This Allied Partnership includes workshops, publications, and services combined with our assessments to provide solutions for many leading companies.  Our Allied Partners include United Technologies, L’Oreal, Nestles, Hallmark, Georgia Pacific, ExxonMobil and Pfizer.

Compressed Air Challenge
Quincy Scales Industrial - U.S. Department of Energy Allied Partner