Air saver nozzles and jets use “air ring” engineering to cut compressed air use up to 70%. Our innovative air-amplifier nozzle design emits a ring of compressed air with a strong vacuum in its wake to puff-in surrounding air, amplifying airflow 400-2,500 percent. Economical, versatile, and reliable –– with no moving parts –– the nozzles and jets are problem-solving replacements for blowers, vacuums, and fans in blow-off, part ejection, ventilation, cooling, drying, and air conveying.

Air Knives
Through precision-engineered air jets, air knives direct and utilize high-velocity air from a centrifugal blower or air compressor to accomplish
the following:

  • Drying/removing liquid films from surfaces
  • Controlling the coating of surfaces
  • Blowing off/removing dust and debris
  • Impregnation of surfaces
  • Conveying, holding down, or cushioning materials with air
  • Cooling or heating of materials
  • Providing an air curtain or barrier
  • Separating different weights or sizes
air knives jetair

Substantial energy savings are possible: if your plant uses compressed air or thermal processes (banks of heaters), installing higher-efficiency air knife systems can eliminate as much as 80% of total energy consumption, with superior results. A blower-driven air knife can generate cost savings, speed up operations, and/or provide other improvements in the manufacturing process. Investment paybacks are often achieved within months, sometimes in just weeks, providing a superior return-on-investment.


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