Sequencer Models

Scales Energy Services offers sequencers ranging from simple pressure based sequencers to the $mart Sequencer®, which will operate any multiple air compressor installation, regardless of compressor sizes or manufacturer as efficiently as possible.


Scales is the proud winner of the “Plant Engineering Product of the Year” award for our $mart Sequencer® air compressor master control system, which optimizes compressor operation to save energy and expense.  It continuously monitors the compressed air demand with flow meters, and having been programmed with the capacity, efficiency and control characteristics of all compressors, it is the equivalent of having a full time supply side auditor and operator minimizing your plant’s compressed air energy costs at all times.

2001 Product of the year gold

Scales $mart Sequencer®

Our $mart Sequencer® system is not just another compressor sequencing system. In fact, it is so unique that the United States government has issued a patent for it. The $mart Sequencer® is programmed with the capacity of each compressor in your system. It knows what your plant’s compressed air demand is at all times and which available type and size combination of compressors will meet your system demand in the most energy efficient manner. The $mart Sequencer® analyzes your system demand and then selects which compressor(s) to run. Each $mart Sequencer® installation is programmed with information unique to your compressed air system. The $mart Sequencer® uses analog inputs to continuously monitor pressure and demand in SCFM, while it uses digital inputs to monitor the status of individual compressors. By combining and analyzing the monitored data with the data stored in memory, the $mart Sequencer® system is able to ensure that only the correct number and size of compressors are being applied to satisfy the load. That’s why we call it “Smart”.


If you’re ready to invest in a compressor control system that will efficiently match your compressors to your plant load and provide you with real energy savings, call us. We’re ready to put our $mart Sequencer® to work for you in your facility. Remember, this is not just another sequencer product. It’s the ultimate solution to compressor control.

smart sequencer 1
smart sequencer

Scales Deluxe Sequencer

  • Control up to eight compressors; all operate in the same pressure band
  • Scales Deluxe Sequencer eliminates the energy loss associated with operating with cascading pressure set-points, approximately 1% power for every 2 psi of additional pressure.
  • Turns off compressors which are not required.
  • Pressure set points and two sequences are manually programmable and can be password protected.
  • Automatically selects between the two sequences based on a weekly calendar. This allows base loading of the larger compressors at times when the demand is expected to be high, and smaller compressors when it is expected to be low.
  • The system pressure, pressure set points, and the sequence are displayed.
  • Sequencer can control any type of air compressor, reciprocating, rotary screw, or centrifugal. It can also control turn valves, lift valves, spiral valves and VSD’s.
  • An Ethernet connection and web page are included.
  • A system pressure transducer is provided
  • Panel includes: power supply, terminal strip, microprocessor in a NEMA 1 enclosure.
  • Graphical operator interface:
    • Displays:
      • 1. Compressor status, online, loaded or in standby mode
      • 2. Local or remote status
      • 3. Compressor alarm status
      • 4. Trend pressure


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