SCP-200 Series

The SCP-200 series controllers are used on systems with 2, 3 or 4 reciprocating or rotary screw air compressor packages. The SCP-200 utilizes a solid state programmable controller. The “lead” air compressor is automatically rotated on a preset timed basis with the “lag air compressor(s) brought on and offline to meet system demand.


Standard Equipment:

NEMA 1 enclosure, control voltage transformer, pressure switches, compressor run lights, compressor lead lights and push button switch to provide manual clock over-ride and manual shift of lead compressor.

Sequence of Operation (2 units):

Compressor “A” will be controlled by the lead pressure switch and compressor “B” will be controlled by the lag pressure switch. Once the factory programmed 24 hour time interval is reached compressor “B” will automatically be switched to the lead position and compressor “A” assumes the lag position. This cycle will automatically repeat itself every 24 hours.In the event that the lead air compressor cannot meet system demand and system air pressure decreases to the lag pressure switch setting the lag air compressor will automatically start and continue to run until system demand is satisfied.


SCP-100 Series Duplex Automatic Alternating Panel

Standard Equipment:

NEMA 1 enclosure, (2) NEMA rated across-the-line magnetic starters, (2) control circuit voltage transformers with primary and secondary fuses, (2) pressure switches, (1) automatic alternator, (1) relay.


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