Oil-Free Rotary Product Features

  • Air or water-cooled
  • 20 – 500 Hp
  • 72 – 2400 SCFM
  • 40 – 150 PSIG
  • Single and Two Stage

Scales offers a full line of oil-free rotary screw air compressors that are designed, manufactured, assembled, and tested in the U.S. to exacting quality standards, and delivered ready to provide long operating life, minimum maintenance, and low operating costs. The oil-free design introduces absolutely no oil to the compression chamber.

Oil Free Rotary 4

Oil-Less Scroll Product Features

Which Industries Can Benefit from an Oil-Free Air Compressor?

An oil-free compressor is a virtual necessity in any environment that requires 100 percent oil-free air. Examples include food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, textiles and electronics companies. These industries strive to meet the ISO 8573-1: 2010 standard, which outlines specific classification pertaining to air purity. Class Zero represents the highest classification in this ISO standard, which is why a Quincy QOF oil-free compressor is a smart choice for many industrial applications.


Advanced Oil-Free Air Compressors Featuring State-of-the-Art Scroll Technology

A highlight of the Quincy QOF line is the revolutionary scroll technology. This advanced air compression system includes one mobile and one stationary spiral that work in tandem to pull air into the compression chamber. The mobile spiral compresses the air by reducing the air volume. The air is then directed to the center of the spiral for cooling. One of the many advantages of scroll technology is that, because the two spirals never come in contact with one another, there is no friction or wear. This eliminates the need for lubrication, which minimizes preventive maintenance tasks.

The Quincy QOF-230 Is Built for Efficiency

The QOF Zero Class air compressor is designed, engineered and constructed to deliver maximum efficiency. In addition to the highly advanced scroll technology, the QOF is equipped with a built-in dryer, which provides a reduction in downstream pressure drop. The highly efficient IE3 motor is also a standard feature. An air-cooled IP55 class F motor is available for heavy-duty applications. What’s more the QOF is designed for easy serviceability, which will save you time and labor costs.

QOF 20 Oil Free Scroll

Oil-Free Reciprocating Product Features

  •  2-30 horsepower
  • Single and two-stage designs
  • Air & water-cooled designs
  • 20-150 psig
  • Customized packaging available

Oil-free reciprocating air compressor packages will deliver 100% oil-free compressed air.  Typical users include hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, food and electronic industries.

QRDT 30 Oil Free Reciprocating Air Compressor


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