Scales Industrial Technologies has been recognized by many utilities for our contributions to saving energy.

In addition:

  • We have been consultants to many of America’s top utilities and companies including National Grid, Northeast Utilities, NSTAR, Con Edison, and Southern California Gas Company.
  • Scales Industrial Technologies has also been recognized (Bill Scales, Niff Ambrosino, and Paul Shaw) for our contributions to the development of the DOE’s Compressed Air Challenge,  compressed air energy-saving training materials, and workshops. Bill Scales is a founding and current member of the Compressed Air Challenge Product Development Committee. Bill, Niff and Paul are members of the Training and Technical Committee.
  • Bill Scales is the co-author of the Compressed Air Challenge’s “Best Practices for Compressed Air Systems” manual (325 pages).
  • Scales Industrial Technologies was rewarded for our innovation in compressor control, winning Plant Engineering magazine’s Gold Award for our patented Smart Sequencer Compressor Controller.
  • Recognition by the National Association of Manufacturers in reducing costs associated with compressed air systems.